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Cremation Services

cremation services

With a crematory right here in our funeral home, your loved-one never leaves our care.

We at Bradshaw-Carter stand ready to offer the highest level of service for any family who chooses cremation. With a crematory in our funeral home, we are uniquely positioned to offer you peace of mind in knowing that once your loved-one arrives at our funeral home, they never have to leave our care. We go to great lengths to ensure every aspect of the cremation process is managed by our certified staff with expertise, dignity, and the utmost professionalism. 

Many funeral homes hire third-party crematories or hold cremations offsite in a cemetery or industrial setting, making it difficult for the funeral home to manage and supervise the cremation. Having the crematory on our premises means we can ensure the process from start to finish is dignified and meets our standards of excellence.

We also excel at helping families plan a memorial service or celebration of life. Whether you want an informal gathering or an all-out cocktail party gala, we can help you plan a way for friends, family, and neighbors to come together and pay tribute to a life well-lived. 

We Provide

  • Transportation for your loved-one to our home from a residence, medical facility or hospice
  • Peace of mind in knowing that we own our own crematory and keep your loved-one in our care at all times
  • The opportunity to visit and view your loved-one, without the need or expense of purchasing a casket, if you so desire
  • The chance to be present for the start of the cremation process, if you wish
  • Proper documents including filing of death certificates
  • Licensed and experienced funeral directors and crematory operators
  • Online tribute/obituary listings

Call Us Anytime - 24/7

Our team is on standby to assist any time a death occurs. Most deaths occur under the supervision of a medical professional, such as a home hospice team or at a hospital. In this case, a hospice nurse or hospital official can call our team to give us permission to come to the place of death. In some cases, if a death occurs unexpectedly an investigation may be necessary. If so, calling 911 will allow the authorities a chance to determine whether an inquest is necessary. In either case, our team is available to assist in transportation either from a home, hospital, hospice facility, or medical examiner's office.

cremation services Houston, Tx.

Why Choose Bradshaw-Carter?

At Bradshaw-Carter, we understand that families want full transparency in the cremation process. We take the time to explain the process from start-to-finish, offer guidance and education about all the options open to you, and open our doors to let you be as involved as you wish to be. Our standards of excellence set us apart when it comes to ensuring your loved-one is treated with respect: the way you know they deserve to be treated.

We are the experts at helping you design a tribute that's just right for the loved-one you wish to honor.

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immediate help for cremation services

Immediate Answers

Licensed funeral directors and experienced staff to provide guidance along every step of the way.

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On Standby - Always

Our staff is ready, day or night, to come to a residence, hospital, or hospice to provide care and peace of mind.

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Peace of Mind

A long history of positive testimonials and a tradition of excellence in serving each one of our families.

Music, cocktails, and memories can make for an unforgettable goodbye.

Learn more about ways to personalize the cremation service of a loved one, or contact Bradshaw Carter Memorial to begin the planning process.

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Personalizing the Ceremony

Having some form of ceremony is an important way to honor the deceased: To tell the story of your loved-one, celebrating his or her life while respectfully acknowledging that he or she has passed on. Memorializing your loved-one in a personal cremation service can take many forms: traditional or non-traditional services, public or private, lively and casual, or solemn and respectful. We can host a small, informal gathering of friends, a large seated service, or even a full-on cocktail party, complete with live music, catered food, and a full bar. The options are limitless, and we can help make your vision come together to create a service that's just right.

Creative Ways to Celebrate a Life

Cremation opens many doors to those who want a unique, non-traditional way to honor their loved-one. For those wishing to have a lasting memento of their time with the loved one, there are many choices available, including personalized jewelry and keepsake options, or even creating a real diamond from the carbon in a small portion of the cremated remains. There are also biodegradeable urns, urns for scattering remains over land or sea, viking longship urns to set ablaze upon open water, or ways to incorporate cremated remains into a living coral reef. To learn more about the cremation and memorial services that we offer, we invite you to contact Bradshaw-Carter for more inspiration.

Cremation Offers Many Options

Cremation services look different from one family to the next, but always provide a meaningful way to honor a deceased loved one. We work with families, churches, and friends to ensure cremation services exceed your every expectation -- while providing the dignity and respect your loved one is due. Cremation offers families the ability to set a date for a memorial service that allows friends and family to come in from out of town, and time to plan each element of the service down to the smallest detail.  We offer many creative ways to honor a life, and celebrate someone's memory. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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What is Cremation?

During the cremation process, intense heat reduces human remains to their essential elements. Our expertly trained, licensed, and certified staff members will bring your loved one to our home for a cremation in our on-site crematory, after everyone has had a chance to say their final farewells. At Bradshaw-Carter, we are proud to own and operate our own crematory, meaning your loved one never has to leave our care, and that you may be present for the start of the cremation, if you wish. For every cremation, two certified staff members are present to ensure the identity of your loved-one, and review all documents. The cremation itself is carried out with the utmost dignity and care. Following cremation, two additional Bradshaw-Carter team members will verify that each step of the process has been followed to our exacting standards. We will receive the cremated remains and place them into an urn that has been selected by the family. Once the cremated remains are left, there are several options a family has in the final disposition of the remains, including:

  • Ceremonial scattering in a sentimental place: In a home garden, at sea, or at a favorite location
  • Memorialization with an urn in a safe place at home
  • Inurnment – burial of the urn at a cemetery or placement in a niche or columbarium
  • Many local churches have their own urn gardens - We can help you coordinate with your church family for guidance on securing a permanent place for your loved-one's urn

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A true home for services.

Our History

Founded in the heart of Houston by renowned designer Ron Bradshaw and his partner Tripp Carter in 2003, Bradshaw-Carter was built to meet an unmet need in Houston for an elegant, warm, welcoming setting for a family to say goodbye, without the sterile look and feel of most modern-day funeral establishments. Our funeral home doesn't look like a funeral home, because we don't want it to feel like one. At Bradshaw-Carter, there is a long tradition of serving one family at a time. Guests never feel rushed, and are not bumping into strangers in our foyer. The house, with it's tasteful decor and friendly professional staff, is yours to share with your guests, allowing you to focus on what's important. It was Ron's dream to open the most beautiful funeral home in the United States; one that offers the highest level of service and professionalism. While we regularly pull out all the stops for those looking for a boutique, top-of-the-line celebration, we have always insisted on making funerals affordable. Our care is genuine, and the result is a comfortable, healing place where you can focus on your needs and finding theameaningful tribute that's right for your loved-one.
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