Francis Isadore Spagnoletti

August 24, 1981 ~ May 29, 2022 (age 40)


Francis Isadore Spagnoletti passed away May 29, 2022, at forty years old. As premature was his passing, so was his birth. Francis was born two months premature on August 24, 1981, to Deborah and Frank Spagnoletti. Francis learned at a young age to persevere through life’s challenges and live life to its fullest at each and every moment. 

From the time that he was a young boy, if Francis took interest in a subject, he mastered it. Whether it was building Lego Kingdoms, mastering Origami, becoming a professional in-line skater at age 14, or DJ’ing to hundreds in a night club, Francis had an uncanny ability to encapsulate his creativity and produce magic, and he did so wherever the world took him. He graduated high school from Portsmouth Abbey in Newport, Rhode Island in 2000. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of San Francisco in 2006. In true Francis fashion, he earned his Master’s in Screen Writing from the New York Film Academy in 2012.

As Francis became a man, his entrepreneurial spirit caught up to his innate creativity. He founded and trademarked his own cigar company, paying homage to his father’s favorite past time. The product he produced was presented masterfully–a cunning design with a narrative for each cigar that was predicated on the history of pirates from the late 17th and 18th century. The motto of the company was “Live until you die!” Francis did just that!

Francis acted with precision and care when he created. The music that he made and the studio business that he founded in Los Angeles grew to inspire and host artists that are now household names. At each step of the way, his mother was there to cheer him on, no matter where he lived or what he pursued in Newport, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. 

Perhaps Francis’s most alluring trait is personified by the company that he kept over the decades. His family and friends appreciated his pioneering spirit, and, most of all, his ability to make them laugh. When he was happy, a smile plastered his face. When he was kind, he was one of the kindest and gentlest souls to be encountered. When he cried, tears fell from neighboring faces. His emotions were real, authentic, and contagious. His mere presence promoted joy and love.

Undoubtedly, assuredly, positively, despite the wonderful friends he had the privilege of keeping since he was a boy, and the creative entrepreneurial endeavors he pursued, he was most proud of his three daughters–Aster, Indi, and Ivy. Aster, Francis’ first born, like her father, enjoys mastering Legos and learning how to roller blade. Francis was particularly proud of her independence, generosity, and leadership. She is also the oldest sibling.  Indi and Ivy were Francis’s younger twin daughters, born prematurely like their dad, who attack life with the same ferocity. Indi and her dad enjoyed sharing life at every moment they were together. They just loved being with each other, whether it was at the movies or on the couch or anywhere in between. Indi’s particularly calm, easygoing nature was welcomed by her dad who was trying to navigate societal obstacles on a daily basis. Ivy, like her dad, always marches to the sound of her own drum. Francis encouraged and cherished her intelligence and independence since she was an infant. Francis was the best version of himself when he was with his children, whether it was swimming in the pool or exploring the Santa Monica Pier. 

In recent years, Francis displayed a radiant tranquility when spending time with his brother, Marcus, and his niece, Vita. He engaged in family occasions with a particular calmness and appreciation for his mother and his father like never before. Francis was loved by many but no more than his children, his brother, and his mother and father. He will be sorely missed. His spirit will persevere in this world just as he did since he opened his eyes on this Earth. He had only just begun... His journey now continues. 

Francis is survived by his parents, Frank and Ryla and Deborah and Larry, his children, Aster, Indi, and Ivy, his brother, Marcus, and his niece, Vita–and many other relatives and friends that are too many to name. He will catch us all “on the flip side!”                 

The family will have a private service and celebration of life. 

In memory of Francis, love your family and friends a little extra today. Live for the living


Private Service

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