Randolph A. Wiggins

January 23, 1952 ~ October 7, 2021 (age 69)


Randolph Anthony Wiggins (Randy), aka Wiggs, Wiggy, Wigdog, Big Guy, Bro, Babe, Uncle Buck, Mr. Heck, Professional Pest, Party in a Box, Giant Businessman, has left the building and begun a new adventure.

From an early age Randy was charismatic, evidenced by his ability to get away with behavior for which his three siblings would be punished. He was the favorite child, the golden boy, the high school star football player. His siblings didn’t resent his status; on the contrary, they stood in awe of his ability to charm their parents while spouting outrageous explanations for what he did. If he came home late, he could tell an amusing story of alien abduction, leave them laughing, and keep his curfew intact.

His Ladue high school buddies and University of Missouri cohorts would remain friends for life. He was loyal to those he loved, and would do anything for his friends and family. He felt things deeply but seldom shared his sentiments. He was a great listener and observer of people, which probably contributed to his ability to read his competition and “know when to hold or fold ‘em”. He had emotional intelligence.

Randy was a blessing to everyone he met, even, for the most part, those on the other side of the negotiating table. (There was an incident in Florida where he and Teresa bought a home on such favorable terms that the seller’s kids egged the house repeatedly … and the often-told story how even Pittodrie Stadium in Scotland wouldn’t be big enough to hold all the contractors Randy Wiggins pissed off building a new facility in Aberdeen.) He excelled at talking people into virtually anything. His coworkers called him “the best negotiator they’d ever met”.  He routinely pestered and aggravated people working with and for him, but who could resist that smile and infectious laugh? They would often become lifelong friends. 

He enjoyed the finer things in life; gourmet food, vintage wine, traveling first class, staying in great hotels. He was often late but fortunately excelled at driving fast. He was a great cook, loved any and all sports, music and movies. Was generous with time and money, both his and yours! He loved to connect people and always “knew a guy”. Randy brought a party with him wherever he went; his motto was ‘the more the merrier’. He loved life, humor, but most of all, people. Relationships were the most important part of his life, his greatest strength and his biggest asset. Working hard and playing even harder, he traveled the world making friends of total strangers, talking about anything under the sun. Except politics and religion - because he was a mediator, a neutral zone, Switzerland. His goal was to bring people together on common ground…and party.

Randy’s journey through dementia was diagnosed in 2014 when he was 62. Somehow, he accepted it. His friends and family couldn’t help but do the same. He kept his sense of humor, laughed when he put his shoes on wrong - “I have two left feet!” - and never felt sorry for himself. He learned to smile and laugh again even after he lost the ability to talk, walk, feed himself, or even scratch his nose. His caretakers fell in love with his big blue eyes, big smile, and gentle cooperation when he could no longer communicate or move. We are so very grateful to Ivonne, Adeola, Esther and Claudia for their incredible commitment and caring in Randy’s last year at home.

This man inspired love and loyalty all his life - especially with his siblings, Casyle/Pixie, Pat and Valorie, nieces, nephew, many cousins and "Saint Teresa", who he dated more than forty years and lived with for many years, in many cities. 

His strength, his character, his joy in living and loving, shone through every day of his life. Randy will be missed, but ever in our hearts.


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