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At Bradshaw-Carter, we understand that not all families want the same things when it comes to funerals and burial services. Many memorials are grave and solemn occasions, and appropriately so. At the same time, a funeral service can be a season of catharsis and even joy, as family members and loved ones celebrate and honor the life of a departed loved one who left a big impact on the world. Funeral services are also times in which families and friends gather together to walk through sorrow and sadness hand in hand, remembering the bonds that tie them together and taking comfort in the fact that they are not alone.

The burial services offered at Bradshaw-Carter are not pre-scripted or one-size-fits-all. What we want is to provide families with services that are truly meaningful to them, and that comply with the wishes of the departed. We strive to ensure that, no matter the specifics, every service that we host is intimate, beautiful, and inspiring to those who gather in our parlors.

Planning a Funeral 

The funeral planning stage can be daunting for many; certainly making decisions about a burial versus a cremation service, casket type, and the nature of the service can be overwhelming. Our warm and compassionate funeral professionals strive to make the process straightforward: We are here to comfort, to advise and to make funeral planning an act of service and tribute, not a burden or a hassle.

What we aim for is to ensure that the service your family holds on behalf of a lost loved one is meaningful to all of you.

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Meaningful Funerals

When we talk about meaningful funerals, what we mean is that, at their best, funeral services can offer channels through which mourners can grieve and express sorrow, but also move forward toward healing and hope. Those who gather for these meaningful funerals will have time to reflect on the mark left by their lost loved one, and also to reaffirm the meaning found in their own life. Those who gather will be encouraged to band together in the spirit of support, love, and shared understanding.

In this way, a meaningful funeral can be a pivotal, affirming experience for those who attend. Funerals are, of course, about the dead as much as the living, and one of the primary reasons to have a funeral at all is to pay proper tribute and respect to those who have left us.

Having a meaningful funeral service means making meaningful choices—something that can be hard while you are in the mourning process. However, making decisions about the service and the burial—difficult though it may be—is ultimately necessary for ensuring that the proper tribute is paid and that the service makes an impact on you and your family, allowing you to channel your sorrow effectively. Our funeral professionals are on hand to help you make informed decisions, and to make the entire process as smooth as possible. We will guide you through planning the service, selecting a casket, choosing what to do with the body and where to lay it to rest.

As you and your family move into the funeral planning process, you may find that you have some questions, or perhaps some misconceptions that need to be cleared up. We’ve tried to answer some of the most common inquiries below.

  • Why do I need to plan a funeral for my loved one? Ultimately, a funeral service is intended to be a meaningful thing for those who gather for it—a way to channel sorrow and mourning, and to unite families and friends in a spirit of mutual support and empathy. Additionally, a funeral that is planned to be meaningful and respectful provides a fitting way to pay tribute to the deceased.
  • To whom should I turn for help planning a meaningful funeral? The Bradshaw-Carter staff is available around the clock, and dedicated to offering compassionate, empathetic service and guidance to those planning a burial service or life celebration.
  • What makes a funeral meaningful? The answer to this will be different for different people; meaningful funerals usually incorporate traditions from different faiths and cultures in a way that is authentic to the deceased and to the gathering family members. Everything from the music to the artwork has an impact, and we strive to ensure that every element is, indeed, meaningful.
  • What kind of funeral should I have? There is no right or wrong answer here, except to say that a funeral should be fitting to the deceased and to the gathering family members. Beyond that, there are many traditional and non-traditional options to choose from, and all of them, in the appropriate context, can be meaningful.
  • How can a funeral be made to feel more personal? There are many ways to personalize a funeral, including writing a personalized obituary, letting guests record favorite memories in a guest book, displaying personal items or hobbies from the deceased, or showing a DVD or slideshow of the deceased’s life.
  • What will happen to the body? The body will be embalmed to preserve it in the short-term, but beyond that, the decision is up to you: Some wish for their bodies to be buried, and others prefer cremation. This is simply a matter of following the wishes of the deceased.
  • Is cremation the right choice to make? Many families prefer cremation, seeing it as a respectful and natural way to acknowledge death. Some faith traditions discourage or prohibit it, however. Again, this is simply a matter of what best fits with the beliefs and values of your family.
  • Is it appropriate to include children in the funeral service? This is largely dependent on the maturity levels of the children in question. Certainly, death is a difficult thing to cope with, even among grown-ups. However, children also have the right to pay respects and to mourn, so some families may wish to include kids. Children can participate by sharing favorite memories of the deceased, by offering up drawings and mementos, and—when parents deem it appropriate—by coming to view the body.

If you have further questions, or if you desire help planning a funeral service, please contact Bradshaw-Carter at your earliest convenience.

If you have more questions or are ready to continue this process, please Contact Us

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