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The most accommodating of funeral homes in Houston, TX

As friends and family members gather together to celebrate the life of a loved one, they hope for the experience to be meaningful. They hope for it to be intimate. They hope for it to be beautiful, memorable, and—ultimately—worthy of their dear friend or relative. At Bradshaw-Carter, that’s what we hope for, as well—and we’re committed to doing everything we can to ensure that every memorial service or life celebration at our funeral home is planned and executed perfectly, right down to the smallest detail.

It is our belief at Bradshaw-Carter that beauty can soften sorrow, and that it can prove inspirational and spirit-lifting to those who gather in our funeral parlors. As such, we have endeavored to create an atmosphere that is rich in beauty—in fine paintings, elegant décor, and graceful furnishings. The purpose is never to distract from your life celebration or memorial service, but rather to enhance it. We believe in giving families and friends a comforting and luxurious place to gather and to celebrate the lives of loved ones.

Offering an exquisite environment, and options to personalize any service

The richness and elegance of our décor is meant not only to inspire and comfort our guests, but also to better honor those whose lives we remember and celebrate. The surroundings here are light and tastefully upbeat—the better to facilitate true life-honoring celebrations. On that note, we also offer myriad options for those who plan their services with us, including many hand-made caskets and urns, catering options with full “wake menus,” and plenty of options for in-house music.

Bradshaw-Carter is the brainchild of the late Ron Bradshaw, who was long respected as an interior decorator and designer before he entered the funeral and memorial trade. His eye for aesthetics informs everything about Bradshaw-Carter, which is now operated by his long-time partner Tripp Carter.

Memorable cremation services, life celebrations and more

Bradshaw-Carter provides a number of services, including cremation services, burials, memorial and life celebrations, military services, pre-planning options, and beyond. What makes this funeral home unique, however, is that it is indeed a true home—a comfortable and inviting place where one family is served at a time, and where those who gather in remembrance are unhurried as they pay respects to friends and loved ones.

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